For projects and Air-conditioning supply and instalation

Please call for an Estimate.

Current rates when called out to a property are;

The first hour or part of 45.00€

Then for each hour 27.00€

Full days are charged @ 220.00€

N.B.For visits outside of normal working hours and on Fiesta's additional costs will be charged please ask for a price when calling

For basic instalation of split air-conditioning units Where no special access scafolding or lifting equipment is required and gas pipe & condinsate runs are less than 2 meters (power taken from adjacent supply)

Aditional gas pipe meterage is charged per Meter @ 30.00€
Condinsate pipe run per Meter @
Additional cost when pipes run through thick
stone walls is charged by the hour for cutting and
making good

Prices of supplied materials are charged at makers recomended PVP unless quoted on an estimate. Many large items have delivery charges added on by the supplier.

Please note that all charges are subject to IVA @ 21% on invoice

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